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Several years ago a friend of mine asked me if I would do the Fairlee Triathlon in Vermont. After training for three months, feeling like I was going to drown in the swim, feeling nauseus on the run, I crossed the finished line and was hooked.This led to my triathlon journey.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

20 years!

I had my 20th HS reunion this past weekend, which is the reason that I haven't posted anything for a while. Several good friends were in town and though the weather was not great, we all had a great weekend together.

Even with the busy weekend I was able to get some good trainings in. On Saturday I met up with a friend I've know for about 25 years for a ride. It was horribly muggy but we left early when it was cool and I got in about 78 miles. Afterwards, I did a short 10 minute run just to test the legs and I felt great! It gave me new found hope that the Patriot Half this weekend will be a decent race.

The reunion festivities began on Saturday night and because Amy and I are still in the area, we decided to host our friends for dinner prior to the actual reunion. It was go great to visit with everyone. The people we had over I've know for 20+ years and we've stayed relatively close given we are spread out all over the country. I think that connection is rare. It's not very often I speak to people who are in close contact with friends for that long. It's a special thing and sometimes I'm sure that I take it for granted, but it's times like a 20-year reunion when you certainly realize how much you appreciate it.

The Saturday night part of the reunion was for ORHS alumni and signficant others. Wow! There were people who I haven't seen since graduation day. Overall I enjoyed high school and it was nice to catch up and talk to everyone.

Sunday afternoon was the 2nd part of the reunion for families. It wasn't as surreal as I thought it would be. Seeing classmates with kids on their hips and pushing strollers was actually pretty cool. I found myself thinking that I want to make sure I pass onto Connor that no matter how tough things feel like they are getting in high school with cliques, clothes, girlfriends and boyfriends, etc. that there is life after high school; as the perspective of a 20-year reunion will give you.

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