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The journey is more important than the destination.

Several years ago a friend of mine asked me if I would do the Fairlee Triathlon in Vermont. After training for three months, feeling like I was going to drown in the swim, feeling nauseus on the run, I crossed the finished line and was hooked.This led to my triathlon journey.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

GSTC Training Today

Today was a GSTC training at UNH. We started with a 2700 yard swim that had a few tough intervals. Suzan gave me some good tips on my stroke. I really feel like I'm honing in on my perfect stroke. The swim workout was tough, particularly since the run workout wasn't any easier.

I know that this makes absolutely no actual difference in my swim speed, I felt like I was gliding through the water faster since shaving the legs yesterday. I know it was all inside my head, but hey, anything helps!

The run started out easy enough, a 20 minute warm up through college woods followed by some drills and strides on the outdoor track at UNH. Then Suzan dropped the bomb - a two mile time trial. In other words, run as fast as you can and still finish a two mile run. I hadn't done a running time trial in a while and it was tough. The key with a time trial is to pace yourself. I did the first 400 meters around the track in 1:45 but I was afraid that I was going to hard so I slowed a little for the next couple of laps, 1:49 and 1:50. At this point I was feeling OK and picked the pace up a little, the next few laps were at 1:45. On the last lap I was still feeling good so I pushed a little and finished in 1:39, my fastest lap. This brought my overall time to 13:57 which was just under a 7 minute mile. The workout wrapped up with another 20 minute warm down.

I followed up the workout with a big breakfast with some friends from the club and am now looking forward to a nice Sunday afternoon nap!

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